The struggle was and still is REAL!!

I’M BAACK!! Look, I know…I went missing for an entire year and so much has happened. Many of you know my family and I moved to Tennessee July 2021, bought a home, and here is when I would say and we are living happily ever after….NOT!! I have to be totally transparent, my Tennesse transition was HORRIBLE!! I consider myself a go-getter, someone that adapts to change easily; well I found out very quickly after my move to Tennessee I gave myself too much credit.

Let me start with I am a die hard Floridian, and those that are from Florida I want you all to know (if you don’t already know) we are a special group of people. We Floridians have our on vernacular, culture, music, cognitive processing, I can continue if I need to but I think you get my point. I quickly found out after moving to Tennessee….. I’M DIFFERENT, YEAH I’M DIFFERENT (yes I am singing this in my 2 Chainz voice).

What do I mean by that? Now let me start by saying the people of the great state of Tennessee are SO nice and friendly, but being two nice got you side-eyed in Florida. I found everyone here to take things extremely personal, which has been a struggle for me because I am extremely direct (another Floridian trait). Also I moved from Duval County, FL where African-American/Black people accounted for about 31% of the population to Wilson County, TN where African-American/Black people account for about 7%. When you are used to seeing people look like you, then suddenly you don’t it can be difficult to handle. My professional transition was even harder. I have worked in healthcare for 22 years, I quickly found out Tennessee is not the state for Nurse Practitioners. Less pay, more work. Once the dust of moving settled, the depression set in quickly and the weight gain started.

For months I would put on a front and be superwoman Monday thru Friday, working, being wifey, being mommy. I would put on the face that everything was fine, but when the weekend hit I would mope for two days and even cry. But when Monday hit I would become superwoman all over again, the struggle was real. One day (recently) I made the decision to STOP IT, stop the moping, stop the complaining, stop the regrets. I had to take inventory, is Tennessee really THAT bad and after being real with myself the answer was NO!!

So here is me taking inventory…..what have I gained (learned) since moving to Tennessee?

  • I have met some amazing people
  • I have grown professionally, my current job has made me a better provider.
  • My children are getting to experience new things.
  • My husband has had professional opportunities that were not available to him in Florida.
  • My family and I have had significant financial and spiritual growth.
  • And I realized I had to move from what is familiar to thrive and grow.

I have accepted I will continue to have transitioning pains, but I have made a decision to embrace what is to come. P.S. Please keep me lifted in prayer in regards to the weather, I know I am not and will not ever be built for the Tennessee winters.

Signed, Florida Bred, Tennessee Instead 🤷🏿‍♀️

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