Tennessee, Tennessee

I haven’t posted in a while because I truly needed the time to prepare for my next season.
In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word season is defined as a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature. Some of you may ask, “Exactly what does that mean or what does that look like?”
Well for me it looked like picking up my life and family and moving to Tennessee. Yes, you heard me correct –Tennessee. And if you are asking…. yes I am singing the song in my head.

Arrested Development

How did I arrive here, well let me tell you. In January 2021, while I was ailing (LOL) with COVID my husband said, “God said it’s time to sell the house and move to Tennesse. He also said, be ready because God said it’s going to move fast.” I just answered , “OK.” Now, my simple answer could have been due to my “COVID brain”, but when I had time to process it I came with every  excuse not to move.  Each excuse I gave, my husband  kept saying this is what God said to do. My husband, my partner, my soul mate saw a vision for our family that required us to move. As hard as it was, I agreed to move.

We sold our home of 14 years 😢. My husband and son moved to Tennesse first in April 2021 and my daughter and I followed July 2021.  This move has not been without challenges, but those challenges have been far outnumbered by the blessings.  Sometimes we try to make a lifetime out of what should just be season. This move to Tennesse  has been with  purpose, precision, and intent. This is our season for endless growth, health, and blessings. Stay tuned!!

Signed Florida Bred, Jesus Led.

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