I’m in ❤ with Mary Jane.

Working in healthcare for 20 years I have seen so many unconventional, but natural ways to treat and care for patients. I can honestly say that the most unconventional therapy that I have seen is leech therapy, now when I saw it I was horrified but the results for the patient were AMAZING. I am one that truly believes that God has provided  much of what we need for health and wellness in the earth.

Now, that being said let’s discuss one of the most controversial treatments being used today……..cannibas. Yeah, you heard me correctly cannibas also known as marijuana, weed, chronic, reefer, Mary Jane and the list goes on and on. I know many people are going to have opinions about this conversation, but by now you all know I am all about educating. I have had the opportunity to work with very knowledgeable individuals over past year and I have also done my own reasearch and what I can say is — I have seen cannibas do amazing things for people.

So let me insert my disclaimer right here:  This post is purely for informational purposes and should not replace consulting with your healthcare provider.

Unfortunately, cannibas has gotten a stigma and it is not a positive one. I must admit my experiences in the past had me aligned with the negativity associated with cannibas. I chose about a year ago to truly educate myself about how cannibas is used to help people.
The use of cannibas in medicine is truly a specialty, so it would not be possible to educate about cannibas strains, pharmacokinetics, and all the uses of cannibas in this post. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of some of it’s many uses and considerations. I personally have seen cannibas used successfully to treat crippling anxiety, PTSD, pain, seizures, migraine headaches, loss of appetite, neurological disorders, nausea, and ADHD.

Most people know cannibas to be psychoactive (affecting the mind), but there is a nonpsychoactive
form called CBD that has been effective in treating behavioral issues in pediatrics, anxiety, insomnia, and muscle spasms. Cannibas can be given in various forms. Obviously, there is flower but it can also be given in topical patches, edibles, oral tinctures, topical gels/lotions, capsules, and vaporizer (i.e. air dispenser or vape pens). Cannibas is actually seen as a much safer alternative to treat some illnesses than some of the traditional medical treatments currently being used.

Unfortunately, cannibas use in medicine is limited due for various reasons. As laws are reevaluated and hopefully changed, I do expect to see cannibas use to increase in medicine. What are your thoughts on cannibas?

Until next time……make sure you are ALWAYS LEARNING 📚

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