So I shared with many of you I got the first COVID vaccine injection on January 21st. I shared my side effects a few days later, which were minimal. So fast forward to January 27th, I woke up feeling  absolutely HORRIBLE. People that are around me on a regular basis know I am extremely HIGH energy. I woke up my normal time of 0430 for my daily workout and I just couldn’t get out of bed. At 0630 I finally got out of bed put on clothes, I didn’t even have enough energy to put on makeup. I dropped my daughter off to her bus stop and dragged my body into work. Before seeing patients I had one of my medical assistants give me a COVID test and to my surprise it was POSITIVE.

Now let me say this now, you CANNOT get COVID from the vaccine!! I repeat you CANNOT get COVID from the vaccine!! I am nurse practitioner and do see most of the patients in the clinic with acute respiratory symptoms. I do have suspicion as to which patient I contracted COVID from, unfortunately she was not honest with staff that she had active COVID at the time she was seen in the office on January 25th. As she was leaving the office she said, “Oh, by the way I was in the ED on January 19th with headache and I was positive for COVID.” She had no fever and she denied all symptoms on the questionnaire given in the office. Had I had known she was positive for COVID I would have limited my time in the room.

I honestly can say I have been extremely careful during this time (always wearing my mask, washing my hands, sanitizing between patients, etc) and I still caught it. I had NEVER taken a COVID test until January 27th because I didn’t feel the need to.
Now let’s get to the good stuff….obviously I have been asked the question, how did you get COVID and you had the vaccine? Well this is a great educating opportunity, vaccines do not work right away. Actually it takes several weeks until you reach immunity. Now let’s remember the COVID vaccine is two injections, so immunity actually will not be reached until a few weeks after the second injection.

I honestly can say my symptoms were mild (low grade fever, fatigue, change in taste, and cough). Fortunately, I did not have any shortness of breath or difficulty breathing and has been fine managing at home. I have been hypervigilent about taking various supplements before and during the pandemic, which I think has helped. I truly believe that eating well, getting proper rest, managing stress, and taking care of myself has helped with the severity of my symptoms. I am a person who has chronic illnesses, I have hypertension (diagnosed at age 27) and myasthenia gravis (diagnosed at age 9). Make sure you all are taking care of yourselves. At this point, I do plan on completing the vaccine series. I chose to be honest and transparent through this situation because I want to empower people to make  informed decisions about their health.

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