Do you know the REAL you?

Anyone that knows me knows I am unapologetically ME. Have I always been that person, of course not. It took years of self destruction, self loathing, and self disrespect for me to get to a place where I LOVED and appreciated who I was.
The question is WHY? Why do we expect others to show us the love and respect we don’t show ourselves?

Well of course I have a theory and fortunately my theory helped to push me forward and has allowed me to become the person I am. Do you all want to know what it is? Move closer so I can tell you….my theory is FEAR. We fear the unknown and at some point in my life the unknown was ME.  I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. So much of my life was built on what others thought of me. I fed into who everyone thought I was, it was easy to do no confrontation was involved…..except with myself. I  feared if I truly knew myself there was no excuse for me to become who I was called to be. The worst person you could be at odds with is yourself, it delays growth and progress.

A few years ago, I started having some difficult conversations with myself for myself and it did not come without consequence. I almost lost my marriage,  lost friends, stunted my own growth but the conversation had to happen. Did I like it initially, HELL NO. Did it leave me broken, ABSOLUTELY. But self confrontation of fears is what will get many of us to our destiny. I am constantly evolving and growing, and at 41 years old I know I’m still not GROWN. My destiny could take a lifetime to reach, but you know what I am good with that. You know why? Because I will get there being unapologetically ME.

Remember health is wholeness, so do the work to get know the REAL you.

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