Resolution vs. Commitment

At the start of each year, most people make New Year’s resolutions. Often times, resolutions are centered around improving health or weight loss.
I personally, do not believe in the idea of resolutions. When making a resolution (in my opinion) in regards to your health is not realistic, your state of health is constantly evolving. For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to lose 50 pounds and you lose the 50 pounds, what is next?
What are you going to do to keep it off? Believe me it takes work to keep weight off, hell it takes true commitment
Now that is a concept I believe in — COMMITMENT. You have to be committed to sustain any changes, whether it be your health or your realationships.
At the start of each year I write a list of commitments, my commitments range from my health to my finances. Writing this list helps to keep me on track and keep me accountable.
Remember there is no RESOLUTION without COMMITMENT.

So, what are your commitments for 2021?

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