How Did I Get Here?

My name is Rebecca, and I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner. I began my nursing career 19 years ago, as a registered nurse, and had always had an innate character of determination. This included my dieting practices. As I excelled in my nursing career, I would find myself trying diet after diet or exercise regimen after exercise regimen. I would have temporary success only to end up gaining the weight back or worse becoming heavier than when I originally started. Although I had struggles with weight and was by definition obese, I took pride in caring for others and used that to continue my education in nursing. I was married and obtained my bachelor’s degree in nursing which opened up more opportunities to care for and educate people in their most difficult times. I took pride in it.

However, February 12, 2012 is the day that changed my life. I became a mother. Motherhood changed my life forever. My daughter lit a fire under me. I desired the best for her… Which meant I needed to be my best self. I obtained my master’s degree and, for many years after the birth of my daughter, I continued trying diet after diet with temporary success. In my thirties this became a frustrating thing. In 2014 my son was born and I became determined once more to lose the excess weight. I took up running and had run a marathon by 2016. Moving felt great, but I struggled with my eating. I had tried numerous diets: Weight watchers, low fat, low carb, keto. All successful… For a moment.

In 2018, began experimenting with eliminating certain foods from my diet (meats). I enjoyed how my mind and body felt and I began to perform better during my workouts. In 2019, I eliminated dairy and now as a 41 year old woman, with Myasthenia Gravis (I’d love to share more later), I’ve never felt more healthy! I share my story because 212 Wellness is about so much more than just dropping the weight. 212 Wellness was about the moments my life changed forever. Health was a composite of all my experiences. Health is wholeness: physically, spiritually, nutritionally and I finally found “MY HEALTHY.”

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