The struggle was and still is REAL!!

I’M BAACK!! Look, I know…I went missing for an entire year and so much has happened. Many of you know my family and I moved to Tennessee July 2021, bought a home, and here is when I would say and we are living happily ever after….NOT!! I have to be totally transparent, my Tennesse transition […]

Tennessee, Tennessee

I haven’t posted in a while because I truly needed the time to prepare for my next season.In the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word season is defined as a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature. Some of you may ask, “Exactly what does that mean or what does that look like?”Well for me it […]

Minding Your Thermostat šŸŒ”

This past week has been quite challenging for various reasons and as a result my physical and mental health took a hit. My experience this week also made me ask an important question, do we check our internal thermostat? So what is a thermostat? By definition a thermostat is something that regulates temperature. Now typically […]

I’m in ā¤ with Mary Jane.

Working in healthcare for 20 years I have seen so many unconventional, but natural ways to treat and care for patients. I can honestly say that the most unconventional therapy that I have seen is leech therapy, now when I saw it I was horrified but the results for the patient were AMAZING. I am […]

What do you eat? Hell, I eat FOOD.

My last two post have been a bit heavy, so I am going to lighten it up a bit. I get asked all the time, what do you eat? Hell, I eat FOOD.Ā  Many people have this misconception that when you are Plant-Based all you eat is salads, that couldn’t be the farthest from the […]

They are trying to kill us!!

2018 I madeĀ  decision to get my health under control, which has led me to a plant-based lifestyle. Many people don’t know what Plant-Based is….so what exactly is it? Being Plant-Based I center my meals around plants. Now I don’t eat meat or dairy, I do however occasionally eat fish. I limit my ingestion of […]


So I shared with many of you I got the first COVID vaccine injection on January 21st. I shared my side effects a few days later, which were minimal. So fast forward to January 27th, I woke up feeling  absolutely HORRIBLE. People that are around me on a regular basis know I am extremely HIGH […]

Do you know the REAL you?

Anyone that knows me knows I am unapologetically ME. Have I always been that person, of course not. It took years of self destruction, self loathing, and self disrespect for me to get to a place where I LOVED and appreciated who I was.The question is WHY? Why do we expect others to show us […]

Resolution vs. Commitment

At the start of each year, most people make New Year’s resolutions. Often times, resolutions are centered around improving health or weight loss.I personally, do not believe in the idea of resolutions. When making a resolution (in my opinion) in regards to your health is not realistic, your state of health is constantly evolving. For […]


Waist beadsĀ are a traditional African accessory that consist of small beadsĀ on a string, wire, or elastic worn around the waist or hips. … InĀ  Ghana and other African countries,Ā waist beadsĀ are a symbol of femininity, fertility, sensuality, and spiritual well-being. About six months ago I started wearing waist beads. Believe it or not I did not […]


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